Educational Symposium on Health and Workplace Safety: "Your Life, Your Safety" Cultivating and Building Awareness

An educational event where professionals and specialized speakers in the field educate the community about workplace risks and the prevention of occupational diseases.

Mobile Consulates

Consulates based in Miami coordinate a weekend once a year to process documents and provide various services to their nationals residing in Palm Beach County or nearby cities.

In collaboration with the Consulate of Mexico in Miami and other countries, mobile consulates are held each year. In this program, consular staff travel for a weekend to an assigned city in South Florida to provide consular services for citizens who find it difficult to visit during regular hours.

Among the services offered are:

  • Issuance of passports
  • Consular registration for the first time or renewal
  • Notarial power of attorney
  • Preventive protection
  • Health services
  • Community services, among others

The above list of services could vary by country. It is important to visit your Consulate’s website to find out when and where this program will take place, or contact the Consulate offices directly to confirm if the service you require will be available that day.
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