About us

We are Interactive Community Alliance, Inc. (ICA)

Actividades de Interactive Community Alliance

Interactive Community Alliance, Inc. (ICA), a 501-C-3 non-profit organization, serves Palm Beach County’s neediest children, youth and adults through Education, Health, Community Safety and Cultural programs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for families and become a resilient and united community to meet the challenges of change.

Our values


With the most vulnerable families, implementing programs that assist and facilitate their self-sufficiency, well-being, and development.


The people who are part of the ICA team must act for the benefit of the community, respecting individualities and generating synergy for the benefit of all.


We promote participation and equitable integration, without any type of discrimination, as a fundamental basis for collective development and well-being.


Always striving to achieve our objectives in order to maximize the impact of our actions through quality, continuous improvement, and the optimization of our capabilities and resources.


Based on coordinated work with different organizations that share our values and principles, we aim to achieve a collective synergy that directly impacts the progress of the families most in need at both local and global levels.

Our mission

To contribute to the construction of a safe and enriching environment for vulnerable families through health, wellness, educational and cultural programs empowering present and future generations.

Our vision

To be leaders in the promotion of physical and mental health at the individual and collective level, helping all vulnerable families reach their full potential through equitable access to education and integral health, generating development opportunities and contributing to a more inclusive, sustainable and just world.