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We are Interactive Community Alliance, Inc. (ICA)

Our commitment extends through a wide range of services that cover health, education, health prevention, cultural promotion and citizen security.

We are the first Hispanic agency in Palm Beach County to make Alliance a cooperative program with OSHA.

We focus on providing services:

Heath & Prevention

Through programs like ALEPH (Community Program of Health in Integrative Medicine) which offers services in Medical Care and Alternative Medicine. In mental health, with support groups and sound therapy.


Empowering families is central to our mission. Through our flagship program ‘Growing Together,’ we foster Emotional Intelligence and enhance communication between parents and children. Additionally, we offer courses and workshops in Health and Workplace Safety, promoting safe practices for an accident and illness-free work environment.


Through the radio program “Family Health in Action,” we educate, guide, and inform our community on topics such as immigration, legal, financial, health, community services, and current affairs.

Citizen Safety

Safety on our roads is paramount. Our Solutions Traffic School & ICA program is dedicated to educating individuals with traffic violations, promoting road safety, and ensuring compliance with traffic laws.


Join us for enriching events like the “Educational Symposium on Health and Workplace Safety” and “Mobile Consulates.” These gatherings provide valuable educational resources and facilitate accessibility to essential services for our community.

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